About Us at Paws Travelluxe

We Love Pets and We Love to Travel!

Vanessa is the founder of Paws Travelluxe, a Pet Travel Bag company.

These bags are designed to store and carry all of your Pets items, when you travel or when away from their creature-comforts of home. The company was created in 2021 from a rural property in regional NSW, Australia. Vanessa is a registered breeder with DOGS NSW, owns two Papillon dogs and enjoys travelling with her dogs.

Vanessa saw the need to create Pet Travel Bags after creating her own and realising there was little available on the market. After witnessing some extreme weather conditions during the summers of Australia, she asked herself if other pet owners remembered to take water for their pet’s day out. Aware of The Companion Animals Act (1988), which states that all animals must have access to food, water, and shelter at all times, she set out to create a bag that was all about responsibility and care. 

Paws Travelluxe created their first bag, The Pet Travel Day Bag working with pet owners, manufacturers and creating prototypes. Paws Travelluxe look forward to creating a line of Pet Travel Bags and stocking a great range of Pet Travel Supples in the future.